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Alex & Elena — Minted




Wedding Party

Ben Insley

Person of Honor

Elena's younger brother

5 years younger, these two have only grown closer over the years. From discussing research projects, anatomy & physiology, or politics, there is never a boring conversation (surprising when you see how frequently they talk). Even when Ben lived in Texas, these two talked more than most people. It is only right that Ben is beside Elena as she marries her best friend.

Erica Quinn

Bridal Attendant

Elena & Erica were destined to be friends even before they were born. As their moms were pregnant together it was at the ripe age fo 4 months, that the two were enrolled in daycare together & have been friends ever since. From celebrating birthdays together, spending every summer together at camp, or eating at their favorite restaurants together in Philly - they have always been two peas in a pod!

Lawren Geer

Bridal Attendant

Lawren & Elena first met freshman year of high school in history class, and while the topics of their first conversation will continue to be a secret - they have shared a lot more since then. They quickly became the other's confidante, study buddy, and Swiftie. They continue to prove that strong & successful women are better together.

Rachael Augostini

Bridal Attendant

Rachael & Elena are 7 months apart and have done everything together - from celebrating Elena's 21st birthday in Las Vegas (a return flight, that Elena still does not remember) to supporting each other through other major milestones. They now live a few blocks apart in NYC and always enjoy catching up over food & gossip.

Madeleine Augostini

Bridal Attendant

Maddie (Rachael's sister) is Elena's younger cousin & always down for a good time. Whether it is at our annual cookie bake, a night out with our family, or just laying low, Maddie is always a blast.

Samantha Malis

Bridal Attendant

Sammi & Elena met at Brandeis and in their sorority. Elena spent many mornings (and nights) in Sammi's dorm room sleeping on a giant bean bag or eating some of Sammi's famous desserts. Elena returned the favor by assisting Sammi as her personal doctor throughout college & beyond!

Svetlana Duvidovich

Bridal Attendant

Svet & Elena met at Brandeis and swore to be "fake twins" or fwins in the spring semester of freshman year. In braving organic chemistry, the MCAT, and medical school together they have a bond that truly can withstand anything. Now as pediatric doctors together in NYC, they can do truly anything together.

Valerie Itkina

Bridal Attendant

The first time Elena and Valerie spoke it was over the phone as Elena was encouraging Valerie to come to Brandeis to be a Midyear Student. Shortly after, Valerie joined the sorority & became Elena's little. Since then, there has never been a moment short on fun, laughs, or twerking.

Amanda Kravitz

Bridal Attendant

Amanda & Elena first met at residency orientation in Central Park. After sitting next to each other in a circle (during COVID times) they both went home to tell their mom's they found their new best friend. With the addition of Matt, they formed the Judies, and became a healthy balance of emotional support & gossip for each other.

Matt Theoharakis

Bridal Attendant

Matt & Elena met first year of residency & have been inseparable ever since. They share of love of farmers' markets & cooking that their partners often benefit from. As Gemini Twin Flames, these two are often found (with Amanda) running the show at the hospital where there is never a dull moment.

Richard Bronzo

Best Man

Alex's older brother and best friend. Alex was his best man 5 years ago, and now he's returning the favor!

Asef Ahmed


Alex's friend since middle school. Despite what you see today, the two used to be quite scrawny - they began working out together every day and became best friends (and no longer appear undernourished). Now, they love to argue with each other and then make up afterwards .

Brian Clingen


Alex's friend since kindergarten (over 20 years!) & Alex was the best man in his wedding. Fun fact: they shared a pet turtle when they lived together in NYC.

Michael Curland


Alex's friend since high school. They bonded over wiffle-ball in high school and have been playing makeshift sports together ever since.

Jonathan Salandra


Alex's friend since high school. Fun Fact: Alex was visiting Jon in Philadelphia the same weekend when he met up with Elena for their first date.

Jon Khalili


Alex's friend since middle school, when they rode the bus together every morning (when Khalili made it in time); despite the height difference the two shared many competitive basketball games together.

Justin Han


Alex and Justin lived together for all four years of medical school and instantly became best friends. Justin was the one who encouraged me to ask Elena out. Thanks J

Chris Soufleris


Souf and Alex attended medical school together, and could often be caught "studying" together in the library, strategizing over their softball game, golfing, and making up acronyms. Now he is Alex's GDGM.

Matt Johnson


Matt and Alex became friends in medical school, and bonded over softball, golf, and their annual "man day". Fun Fact: Matt's playful teasing during a co-ed softball game is what made Elena and Alex finally make their relationship official

Arisara Bronzo

Flower Girl

Alex's adorable niece

Michael Bronzo

Ring Bearer

Alex's darling nephew