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How Do I Get There?

Travel by Plane:

Albany Airport is ~ 40 minutes away from Windham

JFK is ~ 3 hours away from Windham

Travel by Train:

Amtrak - Hudson is ~ 40 minutes away from Windham

Amtrak - Rhinebeck is ~ 1 hour away from Windham

What Should I Wear?

Formal Attire

For women: A floor length dress, long jumpsuit, or pant suit is preferred. The bridal party will be dressed in sage green.

For men: A suit or tuxedo is appropriate.

Can I Bring a Date?

We have carefully selected who is allowed to bring a guest to our wedding in order to maximize how many loved ones we can have with us for the celebration. Please only bring a date if there is a guest listed on your invitation. Otherwise, please refrain from inviting any additional guests.

Can I Bring My Kids?

While we love your children, we want you to have a great time at the wedding so unless your invite specifically says your child’s name we ask that you get a sitter for the night.

Will the ceremony and reception be Indoors or Outdoors?

Our events will take place in a woodland forest area. We recommend wearing appropriate footwear for natural ground.

The reception will take place indoors.

Where Should I Stay?

We have a limited number of rooms blocked at the Wylder Hotel and the Windham area is hard to find rooms at the last minute. It is highly recommended that you book rooms early as the block will fill quickly and other locations we do not have a guaranteed room block at. See our accommodations page for the hotel options in the area.

Please note, we will be providing transportation to and from The Wylder, Winwood Hotel, Vienna Hotel and the Sun View Motel.

Please note that cabs & ubers are limited in the area, so please plan to stay at one of the hotels or close to the shuttle stops!

Will There be a Shuttle Service Provided?

Yes, we have shuttles secured which will only provide service to hotels listed on the accommodations page. We cannot provide shuttle service to Air BnBs.