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Alex and Elena

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Our Story

Alex & Elena first met as first years at Albany Medical College in 2016. While they became fast friends it was not until that summer when they met up in Philadelphia that their relationship really began. In June of 2017, on a hot summer day, the two set out to explore Philly. They ate edamame dumplings at Elena's favorite restaurant, Elena showed off her cornhole skills as they beat unsuspecting people at a bar, and Alex won every game of Connect 4 at a local rooftop. Since that day, they have filled their days with lots of laughs, plenty of competition, and endless amounts of edamame dumplings. Over the last 5 years, they have traveled from Albany to NYC with many National Park trips in between, they landed their dream jobs at New York City Hospitals, and have raised the perfect cat, Milo. On April 8, 2022, Alex proposed at the Press Lounge Rooftop in NYC and since that day they have looked forward to celebrating their love & life together with all of you! We cannot wait to welcome you all to Windham Manor for a weekend of love & fun in 2024!